Friday, May 29, 2009

Weigh-in Friday!


Not to shabby! I was a little nervous about weigh in yesterday, so I went to the gym after work, even though I got off late. I didn’t get home until almost 10pm… but I’m guessing burning those 700 calories helped (30 minutes elliptical, and 35 minutes on the treadmill power walk/run)! :-)

FYI- I am in much, much better spirits today. The last few days I have been overly bitter and angry for no apparent reason. Glad that is over!

Tomorrow morning C and I are driving to another state about 3 hours away for a semi-high school reunion. (I still can’t believe it has been 10 freakin’ years since we gradated high school!)Two of my best guy friends from high school recently got engaged, and one of them is returning to South Africa on Monday (He lives there- believe it or not he is a part of a missionary!), so it is kinda a celebration/see you soon/reconnect BBQ. I’m really looking forward to it!

Today is a busy day at work, so I have to cut it short. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


That is how I feel today. Just blah.

I totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. My alarm on my brand new BB Curve that my girlfriend bought me like 3 weeks ago decided not to work this morning. The alarm went off, but apparently the ringer wasn’t working so there wasn’t any sound. I just happen to wake up at 8am and I am supposed to leave the house by 8:15am. My phone did this once before, but I just turned it off and turned it back on and it was fine.

Stupid fucking phone.

Anyways, that just started me off in a pissy mood. Then I get to work and it is just one thing after another. I hate when people ask me the same fucking question every single week. This Indian chick with a really thick accent asks me every Tuesday if I have an override card for the time clock and every single time she is like, “NO… Vhy not?” Did I have a fucking override card last week when you asked me?? No. So what makes you think this week is different??

Ok. I’m going to go sit in a corner and count to 10.

Maybe that will help.

Good news though, being in this mood makes me want to go to the gym and work out hardcore to my “angry” music. Lol….. System of the Down, Chop Suey is a good one to start with.

Tomorrow will be better.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Weigh-in


Seriously?! I lost 4 pounds and I am UNDER 200 pounds. Holy Shit! I didn’t believe it at first, I weighed myself like 4 times and then finally grabbed my phone and took a picture for proof!

I have 3 weeks to lose 7.2 pounds. Easy! Okay maybe not easy, but with this milestone I have the motivation to reach my birthday goal!

Today is going to be a f**king awesome day!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pay day!

First, I did make it home yesterday evening and I didn’t even have to use my last $2 for a gallon of gas. My gas light was on when I got home- but hey I made it!

Thank God today is payday!

There isn’t much to update on my finances, I only had $100 left over to put towards credit card #3, but hey that is better than nothing.

Normally I would have more cash available to pay down my debts, but this month I wanted to start replenishing my savings account and save some money for my birthday.

I have 2 savings accounts, one for an emergency fund that I am not suppose to touch (unless it’s an emergency), and the second specifically for our Euro trip next year.

Savings account #1 has $450.01
Savings account #2 has $1332.71
Total: $1,782.72

I keep thinking, “Well I almost have two grand saved, so I’m not going to worry about having a $1000 emergency fund.”

I really need to change my thinking. Savings account #2 has a specific purpose, so I really do need to have $1000 in Savings account #1.

The reason this came up is because when I went to the dentist last week, I was told that I need to do a deep cleaning (root planning and scaling) and I just found out that my insurance doesn’t cover most of it, so I would get stuck with like a $600 bill. My first thought was, well I’ll just put it on my $0 balance credit card and then pay it off quickly.

But you know what? NO!

I’m not doing that anymore! I have to stop thinking that way; otherwise, I’ll never break the cycle.

So anyways, my current mission is to add $550 to Savings account #1 a little bit at a time. I redid my budget and I should have it up to $1000 by July 2nd.

This financial diet stuff gets complicated from time to time! I feel good about where I am though. Having a plan and a good budget really helps. Of course, it’s not always perfect 100% of the time, but I can make changes when I need to and I see how it affects things in the long run.

I think I have lost the Popeye’s craving! I listened to Jillian’s latest podcast this morning on the way to work and she was talking to Helen the season 7 winner of Biggest Loser. Helen lost 140 pounds!! She is a freaking size 2!! Holy shit! If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My internal battle

I really want some Popeye’s. You know- the greasy spicy fried chicken with yummy sides like seasoned fries, dirty rice, red beans and rice and fattening buttery biscuits.

TMI- but I finally started my period after what seems like 2 weeks of PMSing. This could be the cause of my fried chicken battle.

Believe or not, I actually worked out yesterday. I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 25 minutes on the treadmill doing walk/run intervals. I was thinking about chicken the whole time.

I haven’t caved yet, but I have a feeling that I might. Honestly the only reason why I haven’t gotten any Popeye’s yet is because I am completely broke until pay day tomorrow. I have $2.39 in my checking account and I have less than a quarter tank of gas in my car and I still need to make it home from work tonight. My job is about 25 miles from my house. That means I am going to spend my last two dollars on a gallon of gas.

I brought this on myself.

I spent $8.46 at blockbuster 2 days ago knowing I was going to need gas before I got paid this week.


I realized I hadn’t seen season 1, 2 or 3 of Grey’s Anatomy. So I spent the $8.46 to rent season 1. I could have watched it on the internet for free, but it was super annoying because it kept freezing.

Right. Good move genius.

So hopefully a gallon of gas will be enough for me to make it home. Good thing I have a small, fuel efficient car. lol

Monday, May 18, 2009

What a weekend!

Even though I had to work on Saturday AND Sunday I actually had a really good weekend.

I got to spend Saturday night all dressed up with my favorite gay boys (and my bff and girlfriend of course). Now that I think about it, I didn’t even mention them the other day when I did the whole run down of my friends.

So here is a quick summary…. RS is the center of my gay boy universe (well one side of it anyways). He is the cutest little El Salvadorian Queer you have ever seen! RS and I met when we worked together at Enterprise (make-you-wanna-slit-your-wrists) rent-a-car. Our friendship flourished when I finally came out to him 5 years ago. He is colorful and bubbly and the life of every party. He is totally my Carrie (Carrie from Sex and the City- DUUHH!) You never know what he is going to wear next, but he always pulls it off! RS is the center because has introduced me to all his friends and they have also become mine.

So the party Saturday was A’s (a friend I met through RS) 35th birthday party. When I say fabulous I mean… seriously fabulous! I’m talking velvet rope, red carpet and a hot chic at the door with a guest list! Nobody does a party like the gay boys.

G and I got all dressed up. (A asked in his Evite that the ladies wear dresses) I wore a black v-neck flowy dress with black strappy sandals with a big flower on them and a turquoise clutch. G wore a pretty fuchsia colored halter dress with nude open toe heels. My girlfriend was super cute (although, I couldn’t convince her to wear a dress- she’s not a dress kinda girl!) with white pants, nude cowboy boots and a turquoise Wrangler button down. (We totally matched with my turquoise clutch and her shirt- how gay, I know!)

You should have saw RS- so cute in his Banana Republic cream suit and bow-tie!

We drank, danced, mingled and chit-chatted all night. You would have been so proud of me… although I had 2 cranberry and vodkas and a glass of champagne, I did not touch any of the food or the chocolate cake with poured chocolate icing! And you know chocolate cake is my weakness!!

This is going to sound horrible, but there was this- well kind “thick” girl hovering over the food table for a good part of the evening. She was part of my motivation; I didn’t want to be her. Plus cranberry juice has a lot of calories and I ate before I left. I wasn’t hungry- go figure, who knew it was that simple.

I have to say the highlight of the night was watching the sloppy drunk, barefoot, heterosexual, older nurses and young Nordstrom shoe department girls strut down the staircase in front of a room full of beautiful gay boys claiming to be Pussycat Dolls and then proceed to grind on the Gay birthday boy and sing a drunken happy birthday. Priceless!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I’m Lovely!

Well, at least my blog is according to Katie over at Can I just say... . How awesome is that- my first blog award! Thank you Katie! Her blog is lovely too, so you guys should definitely check it out.

Since there aren’t any rules I will just copy Katie and send it to some other lovely blogs.

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Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Weigh-in

Not good.

203.2 lbs- I gained a pound.

I’m not surprised though. Have you noticed what I have been eating lately? I’m sure my monthly gift from Mother Nature doesn’t help either.

It’s okay. I am not going to quit! This just means that I have to work a little bit harder to reach my birthday goal. I can do it! I know I can! After work today, I am going to go to the gym and get a hardcore workout in. I am going to get rid of this weight! I have too!

Ooohhh so much to talk about!

I’ve been wanting to write for days, but it’s just been one thing after the other.

First, I have to gush a little bit… because I seriously have the best girlfriend. This is going to sound silly, but it made my day. The other morning I woke up with my back facing her and she was holding me and she whispered she loved me in my ear. I mean, she tells me she loves me all the time, but what a wonderful way to wake up! :-) After 4 and ½ years, it is definitely the little things that get me! J

What else?

Oh! I got to see S my Bff/soul-sister yesterday. Her flight came in late so she missed her connection to where she was suppose to be going and she was stuck here for the night. I picked her up at like 10pm and she spent the night! It was short, but it is always good seeing her!

I guess it would help if I gave you a breakdown on who is who, because I have several bff’s that I refer to from time to time. So here goes…

S- My Bff/soul-sister that I mentioned above is exactly that- My soul-sister. We met freshman year of college and I was the Maid-of-honor in her wedding. We have a very similar background. We are both bi-racial and grew up (for the most part) in another country. I call her my soul-sister because we fight like sisters when we are together for too long (seriously we didn’t talk for a whole semester sophomore year because we got in a fight over a book!) But at the same time, I know she would do anything for me and I would do the same for her. She is uber- responsible and cautious and she is the best person to people-watch with!

G- My bff and roommate. We met at my first job out of college (Enterprise rent-a-piece of shit- sorry, I mean car). We are very different, but very similar at the same time. She is sensitive and self-determined and I am bossy and outgoing. We agree to disagree pretty often, but I love the conversations that we have because we can talk about controversial things and still be friends after. And she gets me! She knows that I get in my moods and she doesn’t hate me for it! ** Complete side story** (sorry I keep getting off subject, it’s the adult ADD-lol, not funny sorry!)The other day we were discussing my Birthday Beach trip (more details to come in a later post!) and G was thinking about leaving a day early because it seemed to be most convenient since there were so many of us and we only get 2 parking spots. Anyways- a little while after that conversation she sends me a message saying, “I know you aren’t sentimental like me, but are you sure you okay with me leaving early- It’s your birthday?” Clearly I was annoyed by the whole situation and my feelings were a little hurt, so it is funny that she thought to ask. This is one of the reasons why I love her, because she is the only person who would acknowledge that!

C- My Bff from high school that I mentioned the other day is a diva. I have known her since I was 10. I didn’t like her very much then, but by the time I turned 15 our friendship had blossomed. It is not very often that army brats get to grow up with the same set of friends so that made our bond even stronger. We graduated from high school together in 1999, but then we went separate ways to college. We wound up going to college 2 ½ hours apart, but we still only saw each other like 5-6 during those four years. We stayed close though, because we talked all the time. After college graduation we moved to the same city and became roommates. Bad idea! It took a little time, but we became close again. She is one of those people that I will always call my best friend now matter what the current circumstance is. We share so much history and so many memories. She really truly knows me, and she can’t bullshit me either.

Then there are my other high school friends. We had a “gang” called Cotton Club (C was in it too.). There were 9 of us and we were inseparable during those years. They are all awesome! They’re the kind of friends that you don’t talk to for 5 years then you get together and pick back up like it was yesterday. I love them!

I can’t leave out my “little sister”-H… she isn’t really my sister and she is actually older than me, but that is how it feels sometimes. She is the most genuine person I know and I am a bossy know-it-all. You get the point.

Last but not least, there are the Angels- B and M… (G is a part of the Angels too.) B is actually the one that I mentioned a couple weeks ago that is pregnant. We are all in relationships with woman (or seeking one ;-)- G is single) and very independent opinionated woman. I love our girls nights together- you should see us chit-chatting over each other a dinner table!

Whew. That was a lot! It should make more sense now though. Kinda. Maybe?


I have to change the subject again. The 2 hour season finale of Grey’s Anatomy just went off. OH. MY. GOD. I can’t even digest what just happened. Does anybody else watch it? Izzy and O’Malley die? Seriously? And that is it until the new season? I was crying so hard, you would think these people were my friends!

Now that I got that off my chest I can talk about the Cheetos, Cheese-its and chocolate that I ate yesterday.

Ugh. I know. Let me say this though, I am PMSing and I have absolutely no control over my ridiculous cravings. I did everything that Jillian told me not to do! There is some good news though. That day after work I met up with H at a park and walked 3 miles. It doesn’t make up for the shit that I ate, but it helps. Right?

It is almost midnight; I need to go to bed. I’m sure I forgot to mention something, but I’m too exhausted from watching Grey’s!

Good Night!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My favorite ladies are coming back!!

Oooooohhhhhhh!! I can't wait!

Get ready ladies, it's been said that it is coming out on May 28, 2010!

Don’t you just love these ladies?! They are fabulous! I love it!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday!

I had a semi productive day today. First, I returned that dress that I told you guys about the other day. My girlfriend says I am the “queen of returns”. I guess it true, kinda. It was really, really pretty. But just sold two pretty dresses on eBay because I needed the money, so why would I buy another one? You guys would have been so proud of me; I went straight into Macy’s returned the dress and walked right back out. I was so tempted to go into DSW to just “look” at the shoes, but we all know how that ends, so I’m glad I didn’t.

I also went to the gym today and had an intense cardio workout. I really needed it too, because I didn’t do so hot this weekend. I had a breakdown yesterday and had my girlfriend take me to Whole Foods to get Chocolate cheese cake.

Ugh. It was delicious.

But I had Chipotle earlier that day. Don’t get me wrong, Chipotle is fairly healthy for “faux-fastfood” but still I didn’t need it all in one day. There is this really cool website where you can figure out the nutrition information for your meal at Chipotle. I plugged in everything that I had in my burrito bowl and it was 735 calories!! That is a lot especially when I’m a trying to stay under 1600 calories a day.

Whatever! Today is a new day and I know what I need to do to reach my goals.

On a completely different note…

I really want to get a dog. I’ve never had a dog, not even as a kid. They are just so freaking cute and loving! It boils down to the same thing that everything comes down to…


But isn’t she cute?!

Princess Muffin Polka Dot...

Doesn't the name fit her perfectly??

One day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Friday!

Today is my high school BFF’s birthday. So I went out with her and some friends last night. This is why I think I am getting old, because I only had 2 drinks and I was in bed by 1am and I still feel like shit this morning! I used to be able to go out on a Tuesday night and stay out until 4am and still go to work the next day with no difficulties. I guess that era is over. But I hear this new era is even more fabulous; you do whatever you want when you want and don’t feel bad about it!

On to business…

Today is weigh-in day.

I didn’t lose anything, still at 202.2.

I guess that is better than a gain right?

I’m sure it doesn’t help that I drank alcohol and went out to eat twice this week. Its okay, next week will be better, I will lose again!

Yesterday was payday! I have credit card #1 paid off! I love seeing that $0 balance in the sidebar! I am going to keep this card though, but I am only using it for work, seriously, that is it! I will still be able to maintain a zero balance though, because I’ll use it when I travel, and I usually get reimbursed within a week or so, so I shouldn’t have to worry about interest.

Now my plan is to tackle credit card #3 with a vengeance.

With that said, I have a confession to make.

I went shopping yesterday.

I know, I know. You don’t eve have to say it.

I spent about $100, I have $150 budgeted for miscellaneous items over a 2 week period. That means I have $50 remaining until the 21st! Ugh. I hate having to stick to a budget!

I bought a shirt, a belt and earrings from Lane Bryant; all for $54 (I had a $25 off $75 or more coupon.)You should see the shirt it is sooooo pretty, I’ll have to take a picture of it. And I bought a dress from Macy’s for $48. I didn’t plan on shopping at Macy’s, but I had an eye appointment at the Macy’s optical center and the dress section was directly across from where I was and well I couldn’t help but look! I’m still thinking about taking the dress back. It is so pretty AND it’s a size 14, but I can’t wear it as much as the shirt that I got from Lane Bryant and realistically if I want to stick to my budget I am going to need that $48. *sign* We’ll see.

I need to go buy some lottery tickets.

This weekend is going to be a little exhausting. The party continues tonight with my high school BFF and I have an employee out again tomorrow, so that means I will be working late again on Saturday. The good news is, I can come in at about 10am, so I’ll get a little bit of sleep. It will be worth it, she will only turn 28 once!

Well, I need to attempt to do some work. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! =-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Another holiday made for drinking! I went to a Mexican restaurant tonight after work with my favorite gays (aka my gay boyfriends). It is pretty impossible to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant, so I’m not even going to tell you what I ate! I only had 1 beer though, so I saved a few calories.

This Thursday is payday. It’s funny, but I'm totally excited about paying bills… especially when I know I am about to pay one off! Woooo Hoooooo!!

I’m gonna keep this short tonight, I’m so tired… going to bed now.

Good night!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

There is always a silver lining…

Yesterday was bad… really bad.

Where do I start?

Well first- I had to work on Saturday, I knew that I was going to have to work late because I was covering for one of my employees, but I was not intending at all to be at work for freaking 11 hours.

That is just the beginning.

When I went out to the airport the sun was shining. I was sitting in the company van daydreaming while I was waiting for the plane to come in. The minute the plane pulled into the gate the sky fell. Literally. It started pouring down so hard there was a small lake around the plane.

My mixed girl hair and rain do not mix. AT ALL!

Of course, this is when I have to get out and help my guys retrieve product that is being offloaded. I look around the van to see what I can use as make-shift umbrella to try to save my hair ….trash bags, all I can find is trash bags. Lovely, that will work. So it was pouring down raining and I am literally wearing a trash bag (seriously, I poked holes out for my head and arms and wrapped part of it around my head… it was really cute.) I eventually jumped out of the van, not two seconds after that my blackberry falls out of my holster into the lake that my feet are emerged into.


My poor little innocent blackberry was swimming. Aaarrrrrrhhhhhhh!

As I am screaming and reaching for my phone a big gush of wind comes through and pulls the trash bag turban off my head. There goes my hair.

As soon as we had finished working the freaking sun came out. Really? I mean really? I have a frizzy afro, I am wearing a trash bag and my phone is broken. Thank you God, I get it.

Turns out, even after air drying my phone it is completely fried. Yes it sucks, but the bigger problem is I’m girl on a tight budget… and I didn’t plan on having to buy a new phone!

Apparently, there is still a silver lining. I have the best girlfriend in the whole world. She is so sweet; she bought me a new blackberry curve as an early birthday gift.

She single-handedly saved my budget. Gifts are always good, but they are even better when they are filled with love. =-)

Today I was incredibly productive. I had a super-intense workout after sleeping in and having a healthy breakfast. You would be so proud of me I did about 90 minutes of cardio; 30 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on the treadmill doing walking/running intervals, and then I hopped in the pool and swam/water jogged for 30 minutes. Whew! I feel good, a little sore… but good.

After that, I met my bff at the mall for lunch. I know what you are going to say- “why are you eating out if you are suppose to be saving money and losing weight?” Well, it was a crisis… she needed me, and it clearly states in the best friend commandments, “Thou shall be available when one of you is dealing with major relationship issues.” As far as trying to eat well, I had grilled chicken and wheat berry rice…. I logged it into my SparkPeople page and it was 403 calories, not too shabby!

All in all today was good and I think I have gotten my “high” back after my fiasco at work on Saturday. Now I’m going to sit in front of the television and binge on Sex and the City.... what a perfect way to end the day. =-)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I didn’t win.

Not even one freaking dollar.

That is so not fair! Three people won, the tickets were sold in California, Ohio and Virginia. Can you imagine how their life is about to change? I totally would have been ok with splitting $220 million dollars with 2 other people. I still would have gotten everything on my list plus some!

Good news is I’m only out $3. I guess that means I have to get back to work… so much for quitting my job today. =-(

Friday, May 1, 2009

Weigh-in Friday!

I’m down to 202.2!

Wooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo! I’m losing- let me rephrase that, I am “getting rid” of the weight. I’m not gaining it back this time!

My goal of being under 200lbs by my birthday is so going to happen; I am going to far exceed that goal! I have about 6 weeks until my birthday- so I am going to reset my goal.

I will “get rid” of 10 more pounds by my birthday- so I will weigh approximately 192lbs.

Whew! Why does that make me a little nervous? I can do it. I can soooo do it. I can’t wait!

Today is also the start of a new month that means I need to update my debt tally on the sidebar. I am already budgeted out for the month, so I will put in my intended payment amounts and the projected balances. (I’m not a math person, at all- so keep in mind that I am not factoring in interest so the numbers will be off a little.)

I’m on a natural high today!! I’m getting more excited about my weight loss AND I’m seeing progress on my debt reduction. I am going to ride this high as long as I possibly can!

Oh, how could I forget- the lottery. Remember the $220 million I’m going to win tonight!? Lol… I know what you are thinking, “This chick is f’n nuts!” I promise I’m not… well not completely. I am using the secret, you know the Law of Attraction. Maybe I watch too much Oprah, or I’m a little bit of a new age hippie, either way, it can’t hurt anything to try! Jillian Michaels said something interesting when I was listening to one of her old podcasts last night at the gym; She said The Secret is an incomplete equation. You still have to work at what you are trying to attain. Hhmm? Kind of makes sense. Yes, if you put positive energy out into the universe that is what you will get back, BUT at the same time that positive energy is what motivates you to make the changes needed to reach whatever wish or dream that you envisioned already happening. Huh? That was a mouthful (and maybe a run-on sentence). Here is an example of what I mean…

Lola (Me) is overweight- using the secret, I am thinking positively and I already see myself as thin and healthy. Complete and full on, my imaginary body is a reality in my mind.

I know it sounds crazy.

So in response to this positive energy, Lola gets excited about her new body and being thin. She is motivated and that motivation leads her in the direction to make changes in order to reach her “imaginary-reality”.

Make sense?
Like I said, I am going to ride this high as long as I can! It may very well be bullshit but how will you know unless you try it?

Anyways, I said all that to say how excited I am about the $220 million dollars! I don’t have time to write a complete list of what I am going to do with the money, but here is a start:

1. Quit my job
2. Buy a first class ticket to go home and surprise my family
3. Pay off ALL my debt. Literally right after I buy the plane ticket pay off every credit card and student loan
4. Pay off my Mom’s debt
5. Pay off my girlfriend’s debt (which is practically nothing) and purchase a first class plane ticket for her to come meet me in Europe after her graduation. Oh, and buy her a TAG and an Audi A8 for her graduation present.)
6. Hire a financial advisor/broker to help me invest smart
7. Give large sums of money to good friends.
8. Hire a personal trainer- a really good one. Maybe Jillian will have time?
9. Go on a vacation to some fantastic beach and relax in a 5 star hotel with spas and pools and beaches- the works. Maybe Bali, Fiji, Hawaii, or one of the Greek Islands. (and I’m inviting ALL my close friends)
10. Buy my Mom, sister and Grandparents each a house or condo which ever they prefer.
11. Get my Dad on his feet (that is too much to list here, so this includes everything)
12. Buy a convertible- I’m thinking an Audi
13. Buy my Mom and sister a car and Hire a chauffer for my grandparents (What?
They are getting older and Opa can’t see that well anymore.)
14. Buy an amazing condo/townhouse in Manhattan
15. Buy an amazing house on the beach somewhere
16. Buy an amazing house in-town in the city that I currently live
17. Buy an amazing house across the street from my Mom so I can go home for extended periods of time without driving her nuts.
18. Donate ridiculously large sums of money to different charities- maybe even fund some kind of veteran housing/rehabilitation center
19. Travel the world- everywhere until I don’t want to anymore
201. Get a culinary degree from C.I.A at Hyde Park
21. Take language courses- Spanish, French and Italian
22. Open my restaurant- but hire extremely competent people to run it. Because I will be busy studying and traveling the world
23. Did I already say go shopping??

Whew! I’m so excited just thinking about all this stuff. I’m sure I’ll have more things to add, I mean $220 million is A LOT of money!! The lottery drawing comes on at 11pm tonight… I will keep you posted! =-)

Weight loss tracker...