Monday, May 18, 2009

What a weekend!

Even though I had to work on Saturday AND Sunday I actually had a really good weekend.

I got to spend Saturday night all dressed up with my favorite gay boys (and my bff and girlfriend of course). Now that I think about it, I didn’t even mention them the other day when I did the whole run down of my friends.

So here is a quick summary…. RS is the center of my gay boy universe (well one side of it anyways). He is the cutest little El Salvadorian Queer you have ever seen! RS and I met when we worked together at Enterprise (make-you-wanna-slit-your-wrists) rent-a-car. Our friendship flourished when I finally came out to him 5 years ago. He is colorful and bubbly and the life of every party. He is totally my Carrie (Carrie from Sex and the City- DUUHH!) You never know what he is going to wear next, but he always pulls it off! RS is the center because has introduced me to all his friends and they have also become mine.

So the party Saturday was A’s (a friend I met through RS) 35th birthday party. When I say fabulous I mean… seriously fabulous! I’m talking velvet rope, red carpet and a hot chic at the door with a guest list! Nobody does a party like the gay boys.

G and I got all dressed up. (A asked in his Evite that the ladies wear dresses) I wore a black v-neck flowy dress with black strappy sandals with a big flower on them and a turquoise clutch. G wore a pretty fuchsia colored halter dress with nude open toe heels. My girlfriend was super cute (although, I couldn’t convince her to wear a dress- she’s not a dress kinda girl!) with white pants, nude cowboy boots and a turquoise Wrangler button down. (We totally matched with my turquoise clutch and her shirt- how gay, I know!)

You should have saw RS- so cute in his Banana Republic cream suit and bow-tie!

We drank, danced, mingled and chit-chatted all night. You would have been so proud of me… although I had 2 cranberry and vodkas and a glass of champagne, I did not touch any of the food or the chocolate cake with poured chocolate icing! And you know chocolate cake is my weakness!!

This is going to sound horrible, but there was this- well kind “thick” girl hovering over the food table for a good part of the evening. She was part of my motivation; I didn’t want to be her. Plus cranberry juice has a lot of calories and I ate before I left. I wasn’t hungry- go figure, who knew it was that simple.

I have to say the highlight of the night was watching the sloppy drunk, barefoot, heterosexual, older nurses and young Nordstrom shoe department girls strut down the staircase in front of a room full of beautiful gay boys claiming to be Pussycat Dolls and then proceed to grind on the Gay birthday boy and sing a drunken happy birthday. Priceless!

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