Monday, April 26, 2010

Master Cleanse Day 6…

I can’t believe that I’m already on day 6! I really didn’t think I would make it this long. I mean… no food, like ZERO food, for 10 days sounds insane… but I’m already more than half way done! Day 2 was the hardest day, I was tired and moody and hungry and just over it. By day 3 things were looking up big time. I had a burst of energy and this journey didn’t sound so insane anymore.

I have this ridiculous burst of energy, I feel so light and clear and open. It’s an amazing feeling. It really makes me rethink how I eat, because if it’s the food that drains my energy and makes me feel foggy, why would I want to continue to do that to myself?

It’s amazing how EVERYTHING revolves around food. When you aren’t eating it leaves space in your life for so many other things. Of course it’s difficult sometimes because other people are eating around me, but this is the choice that I made and I am going to see it through. It makes me incredibly proud of myself and just reaffirms how strong I really am.

I feel healthy and happy and very extremely grateful for being at this place in my life. I have asked for so many things and once I finally uncovered these layers of myself I seem to have found what I was looking for. Nothing in life is perfect, but my outlook and my intentions have shifted and I have managed to attract exactly what I needed in this moment.

oh... and I'm at 169.4 lbs :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Master Cleanse Day 1&2….

Soooo… G and I are doing the Master Cleanse… the goal is to complete 10 days.

We’re on day 2.

Yesterday went well… I’m definitely more hungry today than I was yesterday, but I also had a distraction yesterday (*wink* more to come on that).

First of all I’m ecstatic with my weight right now …. I haven’t posted anything about it but when I weighed myself this morning I was at 174 lbs…. if you remember from the last time I posted about my weight I was 196.8 … so I have lost 22.8 lbs!! The 22 lbs came off the healthy way… working out and eating right…. But these next 10lbs, I just need to get them off so that I can look good when I go to Miami! :)

I know the weight that I loose from the Master Cleanse probably won’t stay off…. But I’m gonna get right back in the gym when I get back from Miami, so I ‘m not worried about that!

Right now, I am feeling a little bit lethargic, but that probably has more do with the fact that I was up late last night with…. Ok, I need to name her; I’ll call her ‘J’, [DON”T READ THIS PART MOM] having the best sex of my LIFE! OMG! Ok, I’m not gonna go in to detail, but I’m so falling for this girl… and yes it is the same girl that I wrote about here.

So anyways… back to the Cleanse…:)

It is definitely tough… and it’s not so much that I’m hungry… I just want to eat, out of habit I guess. Work seems to be the hardest part of the day. Once I’m home I’m ok… I read or meditate or watch TV and I don’t even think about food. It definitely helps that G is doing it too.

I can’t wait see what the scale says at the end of all of this… my goal is 165lbs. I will keep you guys posted.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Giddy… :)

She saw my profile on a popular dating website… we had similar interests and seemed to be on the same wave length… so she ‘winked’ at me. We exchanged emails, text messages and spoke on the phone and I was already completely enamored before ever meeting her. Her emails were engaging and inquisitive, she wanted to know what made me tick and she opened herself up to me. She’s a poet and an Aquarius… an amazing combination. Her way with words made me literally laugh out loud and other times made my spine tingle. I was giddy and excited, but I knew I had to meet her in person before I got wrapped up in a figment of my imagination. Then we met…. And now here I am with butterflies in my stomach.

What is happening to me? This girl has totally caught me off guard. We barely know each other, but there is this innate connection that I can’t explain. It’s crazy… but the way that I feel when I am with her…. is like nothing that I have experienced before. She’s attentive, affectionate, creative and mature, and when she looks at me I can see something in her eyes… she is vocal about what she is thinking and feeling, she’s beautiful, she is passionate, she’s intelligent and insightful, I trust her when she is in control and I can totally let go with her…. I don’t feel the need to be the one that does everything. She’s my equal.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I know, I know….. sloooooooow down. And when I say love… I don’t mean actual love I just mean that there is an immediate connection, an animal attraction… and a conscience awareness of it.

Some people have said that it is too soon for me to get involved with someone again. Honestly I had no intention of anything serious, but now, I don’t know that I can say that anymore. The universe brought her into my life at this very moment for a reason and it feels so right. This process of emotional and spiritual growth that I have gone through (and am still going through) has aligned me with her. So I’m going with it.

Stay tuned…. :)

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