Friday, April 24, 2009

I have an announcement to make…

…I lost 1 lb!!

I am down to 204 lbs. I’m getting closer to being under the 200lb mark…hallelujah! I have never really been thin (smallest was like a 10/12 in high school and college) but I just recently tipped the scale over 200 lbs… well recently meaning the last 2 years or so, but anyways, I really need to get back under 200… there is something scary about being over 200lbs.

With that said, some friends and I are getting together tonight for dinner and a movie. My roommates (My girlfriend and my Bff) and I have a $100 gift card to a local restaurant… so I have the financial diet part ok… now I just have to be conscious of the weight loss diet. The movies is going to be tuff… can you enjoy a movie without popcorn and milk duds?? Okay, I’m just kidding, I know I can enjoy the movie… truth is I don’t want to waste the $20 I’ll wind up spending for all that junk food, so it actually works out pretty well.

The more stingy I am with my money the less crap I eat… hhmm, there’s a new theory!

I also have to mention that I am so excited that more people are reading my blog! Writing is so therapeutic; I never thought I would get so into it. And to know that people are reading my random thoughts and can somehow relate… very cool! So thanks for reading!


  1. Take a big purse with you, stop at the grocery store and buy healthier snacks for the movies that will fit into your purse. You can even take a diet soda. I RARELY buy snacks at the theater.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll do that.

  3. GOOD for you!!

    That is a big milestone...! I am jealous :)

  4. Thanks Lola! Funny... I picked Lola as my fake facebook name, I love it!

  5. yes, people are reading your blogs! your personality beams off the screen! omg...can i please get a pair of those christian louboutin shoes in your default pic?! as much as i want to spend $700 on a pair, i know that is just craziness... right? *trying to talk myself out of it.* LOL

  6. Thanks for the comment Kae- I’m glad you are reading my madness! ;-) Yes the shoes… oh the shoes, sooooo beautiful…. The signature red soles are tantalizing!


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