Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am pooped!

I was reading a really cool blog the other day- Natural Weight Loss Blog: The Token Fat Girl and she mentioned Jillian Michaels’ (from the Biggest Loser) podcasts and how awesome they were. I love Jillian anyways… but the podcasts are the kick in the ass I needed! I listened to a couple of them the last two days at the gym. I thought it would be weird working out with without music, but it was actually really good. It made me want to work out harder. And I did. Today, my butt and legs are literally aching! Hopefully I can keep that going. I am going to weigh myself again Friday Morning- my fingers are crossed!

I had some luck on EBay- I sold another bridesmaid’s dress. That is a total $74.98 that I have made so far from selling stuff that sits in the back of my closest. Pretty awesome!

I am so exhausted-Good night Blogosphere!


  1. good for you on the workouts... and congrats on the ebay stuff! i just sold a pair of jeans (for two whole dollars!) and a camera lens for $120, and its so nice to have the money!!! i have a bridesmaids dress i've been thinking about selling...but its not a nice namebrand or anything so i doubt it'll go. sounds like you did pretty good on yours!

  2. Thanks! Congrats to you on your eBay sales! Every dollar counts- I’m trying to dig up something else to sell. =-) Thanks for reading!


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