Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Babbling part II

Busy at work again today. It’s amazing; I go weeks BSing the days away and now that I have really gotten into this blogging thing I’m busy all day long and don’t get a chance to write. I shouldn’t be complaining…. Be happy you have a job!!

Soooooo….. today is PAYDAY!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!

I took the advice from Ms. flirty *almost* 30 and paid on my highest interest rate credit card instead of the order that I initially had planned. Guess how much I paid to that stupid 19% credit card (credit card #3)??


I mean I have made big payments before, but not quit this big. TAKE THAT MASTERCARD! =-) Very liberating. I did a quick estimate on how long it will take me to pay off all my credit card debt and I am now down to Feb. 2011. Everything (not including my student loan) was schedule to be paid off by December 2011….. so that means I shaved off 11 months!! I am feeling pretty damn good!! Plus I still paid $650 on credit card #1 (my expense refund plus my regular payment) and I will pay the balance off with my next paycheck. Looks like this get out of debt thing might work after all!

About my other diet, you know… the weight loss diet…. I didn’t work out today BUT I ate really well today, and I wound up doing some manual labor at work today. Not just pushing papers around, I mean like using a pallet jack kind of manual labor. Let’s just say I broke a sweat. I wasn’t aiming for a workout at work today, but I guess that is what happens when companies downsize… we downsized a little too much!

One more thing before I go to sleep, my BFF sent me this article today "Lambda Legal: Lambda Legal Sues Florida Hospital for Mistreatment of Deceased Lesbian’s Family"… it’s really upsetting. I know I talked about they gay thing yesterday… and I wanted to keep it light today, but I really need to bring this up. I can not imagine what this family was going through. These 2 women had been together for 18 years and had 3 children, they even had healthcare powers of attorney but according to the hospital and the state of Florida, that didn’t matter. Because they were a lesbian couple this woman had no visitation rights, they wouldn’t even accept medical information from her because they were not “legally related”. WTF! Her partner died alone because she was banned to the waiting room with their three kids. I’m sorry, I don’t care who you are or where you are from…you can not tell me that this kind of shit is okay?! This kind of thing may not happen often and it may not be broadcasted in the daily news, but the fact that it has happened even once should be reason enough for same-sex marriage/civil unions to be legal in every single state in this so-called “free country”. How can you justify this? It’s scary; it’s real life scary shit. Nobody, I mean Nobody should ever, ever be told their relationship of 18 years, that their three kids, that their family isn’t right or worthy just because they happen to be of the same sex. Didn’t we do this already with the race thing???

Ok, that’s it… I said my piece, I’m gonna get off my soap box now.


  1. um first of all CONGRATS!!!! i would LOOOOOVE to make a lump sum payment that big... its so awesome and you should be soooo proud of yourself.

    second, um, seriously, you took advice from me???? or lord sister, you need help!!! ;) um i hope it all works out for you, no one ever listens to what i say! ha ha. kidding, i think even if it only saves you a few bucks, it'll be worth it!

  2. Great! I'm happy for you!
    [I just found your blog yesterday- and i love it already]

    I keep making these weak ass $100 payments. I wish i had the money to make 1K payment.

  3. Thanks!!

    You gave good advice... so I took it! You were totally right anyways, I just wasn't thinking. So thanks again!

  4. concreterunwyas, thank you soooo much! That is very sweet of you... I'm glad you are enjoying my blog.

    Good Luck to you with your debt payemtns... you will get there!


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