Sunday, April 26, 2009

Should I be mad?

My girlfriend hasn’t read my blog yet. I told her about it when I started writing it a couple of weeks ago, but she never looked at it.

Okay, to be fair, I should give you a little bit of a background on her. First, she didn’t really know what a blog was or why the hell someone would want to spill their guts out to a bunch of strangers. Second, she hardly ever gets online… she pays bills, and looks for watches and sneakers on eBay… that’s about it.

Okay, so I’m the kind of person who is always curious about what other people are thinking. Call it nosey if you want, but I just think people are interesting. She is the exact opposite, she isn’t nosey, and she doesn’t gossip or eavesdrop… she is fine with not knowing.

I guess I am annoyed because if she was writing a blog, I would be reading every single thing she wrote. We have been together for a long time -going on 5 years, so she knows everything that I write about before I write about it, but that’s not the point.

Why isn’t she reading it!? She’s not even interested- she forgot the web address. WTF!

Now it turns into, “I don’t want you to read it anymore, because you are only reading it because I am mad that you’re not reading it-so read it if you want but I don’t care anymore!”

Hahaha… ok, is it just me or do I sound a little crazy?

I am mad. She is supposed to want to read it- that’s what significant others do right?

Yes it is, but you haven’t met my girlfriend.

Ms. I’m so laidback- not opinionated-not judgmental-everybody loves me- perfect athlete-not confrontational-and cute while I’m doing it.

Now I just sound bitter. I hope she doesn’t read this. ;-)


  1. ha ha... you're funny. i'd be upset if my (ex) BF ever read my blog... it feels too much like a diary. maybe its not that she doesn't care but she's respecting your privacy and individuality??? after 5 years, i'd want a space of my own!!!

  2. My BF doesn't read my blog...I told him that I had one and he seemed very disinterested, so I didn't bother to give him the address. I don't really care either way if he does or doesn't. If he had one though, I would be reading it.

  3. Lol…. I know I sound like a nut-job! I get it. People are different. Cleary my girlfriend and I are opposites!

    flirty*almost*30… you are right. After this long we do need our own space! I’m over it now… lol! =-)

  4. I had the same thing happen too.
    My exboyfriend had no desire to read what I wrote or even look at my photos. He said he never did in order to respect my privacy,but I really wanted him too. In the end, we had MANY more differences than that, so it didn't work.
    But I do think it's kind of a respectful thing for her to not check. :)

  5. I'm a lucky girl! =-) She means well, I guess it just gets "lost in translation"


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