Friday, November 12, 2010

Lazy and fat…

I shouldn’t say things like that about myself. I'm beautiful and perfect the way I am.

But seriously.

It’s true.

I am back up to 200lbs.

What the fuck.

I want to make up excuses and reasons as to why, when and how. But the reality is… I’ve been lazy, and it made me fat. Again.

Sn: I ate 2 chocolate chip cookies and 2 packs of milano cookies before noon.

So here is the very simple 4 step process that I need to adhere to…. Starting now.

Step one:
Stop putting random, unhealthy, unnecessary CRAP in your mouth.

Step two:
Write down what you eat. You need to be held accountable. You can’t be trusted.

Step three:
Remember that place you used to go to all the time? Some people call it the gym? Go to it. Immediately.

Step four:
Blog about it. Weigh in weekly- track your loss. If you don’t write it down for the whole world to see, you’ll ignore it and the cycle will begin again.

Simple enough. Right?


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