Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday weigh-in…

Let me preface this by saying I started working out with a trainer last Thursday and he has been KICKING MY ASS.

1 hour workouts Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

And he also has me on a limited 2 week meal plan: fruits, veggies, lean meats (only grilled, baked or seared), baked potatoes (white or sweet) and a gallon of water a day. So no carbs, no chocolate, no alcohol, nothing…. Fun.

So when I began my training he weighed me in at 219.6. (Which I fought tooth and nail, his scale is definitely fucked up! I weighed myself that morning and I weighed 212… so that is what I’m going with.)

Anyways…. Long story short, I lost 6 pounds according to his scale over the week- 213.6 , but according to my scale….


Funny, because that is what I weighed last Friday (on my scale).

WTF is going on here? Am I losing or not?

How can I loose 6 pounds on his scale and nada on mine?

I feel healthier and my pants are fitting better, so I know I have at least lost inches, but what the fuck is up with this scale garbage??

Anywho… I’m not sweatin’ it because I’m kicking ass and taking names. J

Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. I have some exciting news! I’ll post details tomorrow!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Weigh-in...

Annnnnd I'm back!

Cancun was awesome!! Soooooo beautiful. It was a much needed break, but I am already exhausted again and in need of another vacay. Which is perfect because Mom and Sis are here and I'm on vacation for the next week!  Very excited to not have to go to that stupid place.

Anyways.... I skipped last week because I was out of town, but i did get a new scale and I did weigh myself this morning.

Drum roll please.....

That would be 211.8.

2.8 lost

What? So the formula is do nothing and you loose weight??

Go figure?! I'll take it though!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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