Sunday, May 3, 2009

There is always a silver lining…

Yesterday was bad… really bad.

Where do I start?

Well first- I had to work on Saturday, I knew that I was going to have to work late because I was covering for one of my employees, but I was not intending at all to be at work for freaking 11 hours.

That is just the beginning.

When I went out to the airport the sun was shining. I was sitting in the company van daydreaming while I was waiting for the plane to come in. The minute the plane pulled into the gate the sky fell. Literally. It started pouring down so hard there was a small lake around the plane.

My mixed girl hair and rain do not mix. AT ALL!

Of course, this is when I have to get out and help my guys retrieve product that is being offloaded. I look around the van to see what I can use as make-shift umbrella to try to save my hair ….trash bags, all I can find is trash bags. Lovely, that will work. So it was pouring down raining and I am literally wearing a trash bag (seriously, I poked holes out for my head and arms and wrapped part of it around my head… it was really cute.) I eventually jumped out of the van, not two seconds after that my blackberry falls out of my holster into the lake that my feet are emerged into.


My poor little innocent blackberry was swimming. Aaarrrrrrhhhhhhh!

As I am screaming and reaching for my phone a big gush of wind comes through and pulls the trash bag turban off my head. There goes my hair.

As soon as we had finished working the freaking sun came out. Really? I mean really? I have a frizzy afro, I am wearing a trash bag and my phone is broken. Thank you God, I get it.

Turns out, even after air drying my phone it is completely fried. Yes it sucks, but the bigger problem is I’m girl on a tight budget… and I didn’t plan on having to buy a new phone!

Apparently, there is still a silver lining. I have the best girlfriend in the whole world. She is so sweet; she bought me a new blackberry curve as an early birthday gift.

She single-handedly saved my budget. Gifts are always good, but they are even better when they are filled with love. =-)

Today I was incredibly productive. I had a super-intense workout after sleeping in and having a healthy breakfast. You would be so proud of me I did about 90 minutes of cardio; 30 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on the treadmill doing walking/running intervals, and then I hopped in the pool and swam/water jogged for 30 minutes. Whew! I feel good, a little sore… but good.

After that, I met my bff at the mall for lunch. I know what you are going to say- “why are you eating out if you are suppose to be saving money and losing weight?” Well, it was a crisis… she needed me, and it clearly states in the best friend commandments, “Thou shall be available when one of you is dealing with major relationship issues.” As far as trying to eat well, I had grilled chicken and wheat berry rice…. I logged it into my SparkPeople page and it was 403 calories, not too shabby!

All in all today was good and I think I have gotten my “high” back after my fiasco at work on Saturday. Now I’m going to sit in front of the television and binge on Sex and the City.... what a perfect way to end the day. =-)


  1. Ok I was sitting here laughing my butt off at your "trash bag turban" Hilarious visual...that was quite a day! Glad you were able to see the silver lining...shiny new bberry from your gf had to be a lovely surprise :)

  2. =-) It was a wonderful suprise! Thanks reading!


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