Friday, May 15, 2009

Ooohhh so much to talk about!

I’ve been wanting to write for days, but it’s just been one thing after the other.

First, I have to gush a little bit… because I seriously have the best girlfriend. This is going to sound silly, but it made my day. The other morning I woke up with my back facing her and she was holding me and she whispered she loved me in my ear. I mean, she tells me she loves me all the time, but what a wonderful way to wake up! :-) After 4 and ½ years, it is definitely the little things that get me! J

What else?

Oh! I got to see S my Bff/soul-sister yesterday. Her flight came in late so she missed her connection to where she was suppose to be going and she was stuck here for the night. I picked her up at like 10pm and she spent the night! It was short, but it is always good seeing her!

I guess it would help if I gave you a breakdown on who is who, because I have several bff’s that I refer to from time to time. So here goes…

S- My Bff/soul-sister that I mentioned above is exactly that- My soul-sister. We met freshman year of college and I was the Maid-of-honor in her wedding. We have a very similar background. We are both bi-racial and grew up (for the most part) in another country. I call her my soul-sister because we fight like sisters when we are together for too long (seriously we didn’t talk for a whole semester sophomore year because we got in a fight over a book!) But at the same time, I know she would do anything for me and I would do the same for her. She is uber- responsible and cautious and she is the best person to people-watch with!

G- My bff and roommate. We met at my first job out of college (Enterprise rent-a-piece of shit- sorry, I mean car). We are very different, but very similar at the same time. She is sensitive and self-determined and I am bossy and outgoing. We agree to disagree pretty often, but I love the conversations that we have because we can talk about controversial things and still be friends after. And she gets me! She knows that I get in my moods and she doesn’t hate me for it! ** Complete side story** (sorry I keep getting off subject, it’s the adult ADD-lol, not funny sorry!)The other day we were discussing my Birthday Beach trip (more details to come in a later post!) and G was thinking about leaving a day early because it seemed to be most convenient since there were so many of us and we only get 2 parking spots. Anyways- a little while after that conversation she sends me a message saying, “I know you aren’t sentimental like me, but are you sure you okay with me leaving early- It’s your birthday?” Clearly I was annoyed by the whole situation and my feelings were a little hurt, so it is funny that she thought to ask. This is one of the reasons why I love her, because she is the only person who would acknowledge that!

C- My Bff from high school that I mentioned the other day is a diva. I have known her since I was 10. I didn’t like her very much then, but by the time I turned 15 our friendship had blossomed. It is not very often that army brats get to grow up with the same set of friends so that made our bond even stronger. We graduated from high school together in 1999, but then we went separate ways to college. We wound up going to college 2 ½ hours apart, but we still only saw each other like 5-6 during those four years. We stayed close though, because we talked all the time. After college graduation we moved to the same city and became roommates. Bad idea! It took a little time, but we became close again. She is one of those people that I will always call my best friend now matter what the current circumstance is. We share so much history and so many memories. She really truly knows me, and she can’t bullshit me either.

Then there are my other high school friends. We had a “gang” called Cotton Club (C was in it too.). There were 9 of us and we were inseparable during those years. They are all awesome! They’re the kind of friends that you don’t talk to for 5 years then you get together and pick back up like it was yesterday. I love them!

I can’t leave out my “little sister”-H… she isn’t really my sister and she is actually older than me, but that is how it feels sometimes. She is the most genuine person I know and I am a bossy know-it-all. You get the point.

Last but not least, there are the Angels- B and M… (G is a part of the Angels too.) B is actually the one that I mentioned a couple weeks ago that is pregnant. We are all in relationships with woman (or seeking one ;-)- G is single) and very independent opinionated woman. I love our girls nights together- you should see us chit-chatting over each other a dinner table!

Whew. That was a lot! It should make more sense now though. Kinda. Maybe?


I have to change the subject again. The 2 hour season finale of Grey’s Anatomy just went off. OH. MY. GOD. I can’t even digest what just happened. Does anybody else watch it? Izzy and O’Malley die? Seriously? And that is it until the new season? I was crying so hard, you would think these people were my friends!

Now that I got that off my chest I can talk about the Cheetos, Cheese-its and chocolate that I ate yesterday.

Ugh. I know. Let me say this though, I am PMSing and I have absolutely no control over my ridiculous cravings. I did everything that Jillian told me not to do! There is some good news though. That day after work I met up with H at a park and walked 3 miles. It doesn’t make up for the shit that I ate, but it helps. Right?

It is almost midnight; I need to go to bed. I’m sure I forgot to mention something, but I’m too exhausted from watching Grey’s!

Good Night!


  1. You truly have a wonderful group of friends in your life, I think the fact that you have maintained so many meaningful friendships reflects what an AMAZING woman you are.I have always admired that about you! :)


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