Friday, May 1, 2009

Weigh-in Friday!

I’m down to 202.2!

Wooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo! I’m losing- let me rephrase that, I am “getting rid” of the weight. I’m not gaining it back this time!

My goal of being under 200lbs by my birthday is so going to happen; I am going to far exceed that goal! I have about 6 weeks until my birthday- so I am going to reset my goal.

I will “get rid” of 10 more pounds by my birthday- so I will weigh approximately 192lbs.

Whew! Why does that make me a little nervous? I can do it. I can soooo do it. I can’t wait!

Today is also the start of a new month that means I need to update my debt tally on the sidebar. I am already budgeted out for the month, so I will put in my intended payment amounts and the projected balances. (I’m not a math person, at all- so keep in mind that I am not factoring in interest so the numbers will be off a little.)

I’m on a natural high today!! I’m getting more excited about my weight loss AND I’m seeing progress on my debt reduction. I am going to ride this high as long as I possibly can!

Oh, how could I forget- the lottery. Remember the $220 million I’m going to win tonight!? Lol… I know what you are thinking, “This chick is f’n nuts!” I promise I’m not… well not completely. I am using the secret, you know the Law of Attraction. Maybe I watch too much Oprah, or I’m a little bit of a new age hippie, either way, it can’t hurt anything to try! Jillian Michaels said something interesting when I was listening to one of her old podcasts last night at the gym; She said The Secret is an incomplete equation. You still have to work at what you are trying to attain. Hhmm? Kind of makes sense. Yes, if you put positive energy out into the universe that is what you will get back, BUT at the same time that positive energy is what motivates you to make the changes needed to reach whatever wish or dream that you envisioned already happening. Huh? That was a mouthful (and maybe a run-on sentence). Here is an example of what I mean…

Lola (Me) is overweight- using the secret, I am thinking positively and I already see myself as thin and healthy. Complete and full on, my imaginary body is a reality in my mind.

I know it sounds crazy.

So in response to this positive energy, Lola gets excited about her new body and being thin. She is motivated and that motivation leads her in the direction to make changes in order to reach her “imaginary-reality”.

Make sense?
Like I said, I am going to ride this high as long as I can! It may very well be bullshit but how will you know unless you try it?

Anyways, I said all that to say how excited I am about the $220 million dollars! I don’t have time to write a complete list of what I am going to do with the money, but here is a start:

1. Quit my job
2. Buy a first class ticket to go home and surprise my family
3. Pay off ALL my debt. Literally right after I buy the plane ticket pay off every credit card and student loan
4. Pay off my Mom’s debt
5. Pay off my girlfriend’s debt (which is practically nothing) and purchase a first class plane ticket for her to come meet me in Europe after her graduation. Oh, and buy her a TAG and an Audi A8 for her graduation present.)
6. Hire a financial advisor/broker to help me invest smart
7. Give large sums of money to good friends.
8. Hire a personal trainer- a really good one. Maybe Jillian will have time?
9. Go on a vacation to some fantastic beach and relax in a 5 star hotel with spas and pools and beaches- the works. Maybe Bali, Fiji, Hawaii, or one of the Greek Islands. (and I’m inviting ALL my close friends)
10. Buy my Mom, sister and Grandparents each a house or condo which ever they prefer.
11. Get my Dad on his feet (that is too much to list here, so this includes everything)
12. Buy a convertible- I’m thinking an Audi
13. Buy my Mom and sister a car and Hire a chauffer for my grandparents (What?
They are getting older and Opa can’t see that well anymore.)
14. Buy an amazing condo/townhouse in Manhattan
15. Buy an amazing house on the beach somewhere
16. Buy an amazing house in-town in the city that I currently live
17. Buy an amazing house across the street from my Mom so I can go home for extended periods of time without driving her nuts.
18. Donate ridiculously large sums of money to different charities- maybe even fund some kind of veteran housing/rehabilitation center
19. Travel the world- everywhere until I don’t want to anymore
201. Get a culinary degree from C.I.A at Hyde Park
21. Take language courses- Spanish, French and Italian
22. Open my restaurant- but hire extremely competent people to run it. Because I will be busy studying and traveling the world
23. Did I already say go shopping??

Whew! I’m so excited just thinking about all this stuff. I’m sure I’ll have more things to add, I mean $220 million is A LOT of money!! The lottery drawing comes on at 11pm tonight… I will keep you posted! =-)


  1. haha CONGRATS on the weigh-in and CONGRATS on winning the lotto!!!! ;-)

  2. i love your list and congratulations on winning the lottery!!

  3. GO Me! =-) Thank you so much for your comments and the support!


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