Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pay day!

First, I did make it home yesterday evening and I didn’t even have to use my last $2 for a gallon of gas. My gas light was on when I got home- but hey I made it!

Thank God today is payday!

There isn’t much to update on my finances, I only had $100 left over to put towards credit card #3, but hey that is better than nothing.

Normally I would have more cash available to pay down my debts, but this month I wanted to start replenishing my savings account and save some money for my birthday.

I have 2 savings accounts, one for an emergency fund that I am not suppose to touch (unless it’s an emergency), and the second specifically for our Euro trip next year.

Savings account #1 has $450.01
Savings account #2 has $1332.71
Total: $1,782.72

I keep thinking, “Well I almost have two grand saved, so I’m not going to worry about having a $1000 emergency fund.”

I really need to change my thinking. Savings account #2 has a specific purpose, so I really do need to have $1000 in Savings account #1.

The reason this came up is because when I went to the dentist last week, I was told that I need to do a deep cleaning (root planning and scaling) and I just found out that my insurance doesn’t cover most of it, so I would get stuck with like a $600 bill. My first thought was, well I’ll just put it on my $0 balance credit card and then pay it off quickly.

But you know what? NO!

I’m not doing that anymore! I have to stop thinking that way; otherwise, I’ll never break the cycle.

So anyways, my current mission is to add $550 to Savings account #1 a little bit at a time. I redid my budget and I should have it up to $1000 by July 2nd.

This financial diet stuff gets complicated from time to time! I feel good about where I am though. Having a plan and a good budget really helps. Of course, it’s not always perfect 100% of the time, but I can make changes when I need to and I see how it affects things in the long run.

I think I have lost the Popeye’s craving! I listened to Jillian’s latest podcast this morning on the way to work and she was talking to Helen the season 7 winner of Biggest Loser. Helen lost 140 pounds!! She is a freaking size 2!! Holy shit! If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is!

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