Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another year older

I wanted to write sooner, but let's just say I was majorly hung over on Monday coming home from the beach... And well sleep was more important at that moment!

Apparently at 27 I still don't know how to handle alcohol. Good thing is I only blew chunks one night, the other 2 nights I was sober (for the most part).

Other than that little episode I really had a blast. We literally laid on the beach all day for 3 days. (I'm nice and bronzed!) And the house we rented was right beside the walk way to get to the beach... Seriously like a 1 minute walk.


On a side note, G and I had our first "fight" too. Really it was more like we were both pmsing (and didn't know it) but it's all good now. :-)

I'm posting from my blackberry because I'm in Texas for work so I'll have to share more details about the trip later.

OMG! I got my match for the Big Brother/Sister program. It should be very interesting. I'll share more later about this too.

Time for me to get back to work!

Have a wonderful day!

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