Saturday, December 11, 2010

Master Cleanse 2, DAY 10!! Plus budgeting and being happy…

Its day 10, its day 10!!


I had a dream last night that I cheated on day nine at some kind of appetizer buffet. Stuffed mushrooms, shrimp, crudités... Lol… guess it’s about time to eat again.

So, I just have to make through today (and tonight)… I’m going to a holiday gathering this evening with G, and there will be food and alcohol… and I’ll get to have lemonade and herbal tea… yummy. Ugh.

But tomorrow morning when I wake up…. ORANGE JUICE! Yum! Delicious fresh squeezed Orange Juice… I can taste it already, it’s gonna be the best juice of my life. Monday I’m gonna go ahead and go straight into raw fruits and veggies… which means SALAD! God, I can’t explain in words how excited I am about salad. *excited*

I plan on weighing myself tomorrow morning, so I will be posting that soon.

On another note… I finally got J to do a budget. Yay! We worked on it together and tailored it to fit her exactly… it’s working really well. She has this whole new found happiness about her… between the cleanse and all the things we worked on during these 10 days, it really has transformed us both. I swear having a budget relieves so much pressure and stress! I mean… yes, it’s difficult to stick to sometimes, but seeing that your money CAN actually work for you is a awesome feeling.

Needless to say seeing her happy and being happy myself really makes me feel good… on the inside and out. *smiling*

You guys have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back soon with my skinny-mini new weight! (ok, maybe no skinny-mini, but definitely on the way!)



  1. A budget really does make you feel awesome

  2. It really, really does, doesn't it?! Thanks for reading!

  3. I think its awesome that you are finding new ways to love and take care of is so easy (especially as women) to put everything and everybody before yourself. Plus, once you realize how much you can do and how far you can push yourself (i.e. not eating and STILL working out) realize how strong you are. Its great for your confidence and your figure. Good look "getting close to 30" you're "getting close to fine" too! *wink*

  4. Thanks for reading Anonymous! And for the record, I've always been 'fine'! :-)


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