Friday, December 3, 2010


Day two of the Master Cleanse.

Yes… I’m doing the Cleanse again.

I need it.

My last post was a rant about gaining weight and being out of control. Of course I recited my handy dandy 4 step plan back to health… but it doesn’t work if I don’t follow it.... so this is my way of taking some control back.

It’s like a little kid that draws all over their bedroom wall even though they get in trouble every time they get caught… finally Mom and Dad take the crayons away as punishment… hoping that the child will learn the lesson and stop drawing on the wall.

Apparently I like to draw a lot.

Anyways…. Master Cleanse isn’t really for weight loss (although that is an awesome perk), it resets my body so that I can learn to listen to it again.

J and I are doing it together… so it’s nice to have someone who feels your (hunger)pain. Nothing like another bonding experiance... <3

I weighted myself on Monday before we started the ease-in process… I weighed in at 212 pounds.

I’m not going to bash myself about it, I’m just going to fix it.

So what happens after the cleanse?




While we are cleansing… I also made a promise to workout 7 of the 10 days, not hardcore working out, just a 30 minute walk… but something to get my body used to moving again.

One thing about the Cleanse… is that you have a lot of free time (and space in your brain) because you aren’t consuming your self/thoughts with food. So in that time J and I both decided that we wanted to work on some things… some things individually and some things as a couple.

Things like, financial planning, affirmative prayer, being creative, career goals and exercise.

Speaking of financial planning, with the weight gain has come some stagnant financial progress…. So over the last few days, I spent some time moving money around and working on a plan to be wealthy and wise. Updates are posted to the right.

The biggest thing I did was transfer $7,100 of my loan debt to credit card #3….I debated for a while, but the 0% interest until March 2012 just sounded too good. Of course there was a 4% transfer fee, but that is still 5.7% less than the interest rate on my loan. (Which is about $400 saved).

I also wrote down a long term Financial Plan:

1. Save $2000 (emergency fund) by 12/30/2010. *just about there!*

2. Be (credit card)debt free by 6/15/2012.

3. Bring 401K up to 6-8%.

4. Save $10,000 by 4/1/2013 (wedding fund... Yes... I said wedding fund).
5. Save $10,000 to add to emergency fund by 4/1/2014.

6. Save $20,000-$40,000 for house down payment by 1/1/2015

7. Start baby fund after house is purchased.

The long term financial planning is a lot of fun. Especially since I have a big secret that I can’t share yet... big secret in terms of $$!

Well, that’s that… cleansing, loosing weight and building wealth. I’m wishing you guys a wonderful weekend. I’ll be back very soon!



  1. Goodness you have such a strong willpower. I am not even mentally close to doing anything like a Cleanse. All I'd think about is food if I can't eat it.

  2. Oh trust me all I do is think about food too! lol... that's the whole point for me training my mind. You are stronger than you think, you could totally do it! Thanks for reading! (I love your blog by the way!)


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