Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weight loss challenge conclusion…


193.6 lbs

Explain to me how I gained a pound?!

Total Calories out: 11,099
Total Calories in: 7,231
Calorie Deficit: 3868

1 pound= 3500 calories. TECHNICALLY, I should have lost a pound.

You think it is just simple math, calories out greater than calories in and, ta-da you loose weight!


Yes, I know Aunt Flo is on the way, but COME ON.

Clearly Jillian is right. Hormones play a major role in your weight loss.

I’ve been reading her book, Mastering your Metabolism she talks about her own struggle with weight loss in her earlier years and what she learned from going to an endocrinologist. Basically her hormone levels were all out of whack which why she had a hard time loosing weight. Here theory is that the foods we eat and our enviorment have so much artificial crap in them that our bodies don’t know what to do with them and it throws our hormones off; which is why she is so hardcore about eating organic whenever possible.

Obviously when a woman has her menstrual cycle her hormones are thrown for a loop.

Hence the weight gain this week.

I still think it is bullshit.


I am not quitting. But if I don’t loose next week, I am going to be pissed.

This is Bullshit.


  1. Ok. So I'm super sorry you didn't lose any weight this week. That really sucks. But consider the following:

    Did you feel challenged?
    Did you feel good about yourself?
    Did you enjoy the week?

    The pound could be water weight, added muscle, salt in take, etc. But I'm sure you know this. Are you following all of this on a website or anything? I recommend

  2. Thanks for your comment Cyn! And thank you for the support. I did feel good after working out the whole, a little exhausted, but I did have a great sense of accomplishment, which is always nice. I actually do use it’s the best free resource that I have been able to find on the web! I know it could be a million different things, but man, it still sucks! Thanks for reading! :-)


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