Friday, July 31, 2009

Weigh-in Friday…

First I have to say I almost titled this post, “I ran 2 miles yesterday just to spite a Meat-head”…. Lol, I’ll elaborate in a minute.

Ok- down to business!

Weigh-in results are….


Woot woot! (I’m doing the happy dance in my chair at work!)

I really can’t believe that I lost this week! I honestly haven’t been trying my hardest. I work out twice this week, ate pound cake that I made for my girlfriends parents and ate potato chips for lunch a work (on multiple days).

Again…. Imagine if I really, really tried!

So, back to the Meat-head at the gym.

I met M again at the gym yesterday after work. Neither one of us was feeling it AT ALL! But we got our asses on the treadmill anyway. We started off slow walking at 3.5 for about 7 minutes… after that I convinced myself to run a mile. And I did! (go me!) Anyways, I had just finished running and I was walking to bring my heart rate down before getting into sprints when this big- no huge, buff, ripped, muscle-head douche-bag comes over to my treadmill. (Mind you, there are several treadmills free on the other end of the gym)

Douche-bag: *standing to the left of the treadmill with his arms folded across his massive cheast*
Douche-bag: Hey- uh, how much longer you gonna be on that machine? You know there is a 20 minute limit.
Me: *eyebrows raise- with a facial expression saying, SERIOULSY?*
Me: There are a couple of machines free down on the end.
Douche-bag: I need to use this machine- it is the only one that goes up to 11.0
Me: All the machines are identical?!
Douche-bag: Well, I prefer to use this one.
Me: Well, you’ll just have to wait then *Bitch smile* (you know the one I’m talking about- a grin, with a slight tilt of your head)
Douche-bag: *looks at his friend with a dumb expression like- "did she just say that to me?”*
Me: I’ll be about 15 more minutes. *and with that I put my headphones on and crank the treadmill back up to 5.8 and start running*

During this ridiculous conversation M finishes her workout on the treadmill and gets off- Meat-head continues to stand by my treadmill as someone else gets on hers.

M is so funny, she is sitting on the row machine next to my treadmill while she waits for me, and Meat-head is still standing there bitching and moaning like a 5 year old. She finally says to him, “she’ll be done in a minute.” He replies with, “What goes around comes around.” M looks at him like- WTF, and she says shaking her head, “She doesn’t even know you!”

I had no intention of running another mile, but once I starting going I was running just to spite him. I’m sorry, but there are better ways to speak to people if you want something. I can understand if all the treadmill were full and there was an actual wait, but COME ON DOUCHE-BAG, GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY!! And as G said when I told her, “Get off the steroids dude!”

Next time I see him at the gym I’ll have to thank him!! Because of him pissing me off I ran 2 miles!! Ok, I had a little break in between, but so what; I still ran 2 freaking miles!

After all of that, M and I got on the Elliptical. I think she stayed mostly just to take out some of her aggression towards the Meat-head! Haha! She only stayed for 10 minutes, but I continued for 30 minutes. Believe it or not, after that I got back on the treadmill (no, not the same one!) and ran 30 second sprints; 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0 and back down again. 9.0 is hard as hell!! I got a kick ass workout…. Thanks to the Meat-head!

While we were at the gym, M and I agreed to a weight-loss challenge. It will start on Monday and go through Friday. We both have to get a minimum of 1 hour of hardcore exercise each day and we have to count calories EVERY SINGLE DAY. I will get 1400 calories per day, and M will get 1200-1400 calories per day (because she weighs 20lbs less than me). We are also going to exchange logins and recruit our girlfriends to monitor us.

Sounds fun!

Not so much.

But I am going to do it…. What’s 5 days anyways? Wish me luck! :-)

As far as my financial diet, well, I have a lot going on. But I did get paid yesterday!

I’ve got three trips in the works; NYC in September with my girlfriend, Miami in October with cotton club, and Home for Christmas.

I setup a special “travel savings” account, just so things don’t get out of hand. I also included the trips in my forecasted budget- so it is all very doable, especially since I am using frequent flyer miles for NYC and Home!


I increased my direct deposit to my Euro travel savings account to $200 a month (I was doing $150 before)! I am on a roll! I’ll be updating my financial status on the left sidebar today.

I LOVE having things to look forward too! What do you have to look forward too??

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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