Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Weigh-In…



I only lost ½ a pound!

I should have expected that though… seriously, remember the doughnuts? (and that was only the beginning!)

I have been doing pretty well as far as working-out- I have been to the gym everyday since Tuesday, and I am going to go after work today as well.

I’m getting used to pushing myself…. Like yesterday, I walked a mile at 5.0 incline then I ran a mile at 5.8 mph- then I did a set of 5 sprints at 7.0 mph, 8.0 mph and 8.5mph for 30 seconds each. I was absolutely drenched when I was done… but that is kinda the point! In a couple of weeks I’ll be running a mile with no problem then I’ll have to increase it to 2 miles!

** Completely random- but, after the gym yesterday G and I went to the movies to see “My Sisters Keeper”… Oh my GOD! We were both sobbing by the end of the movie. It was very emotionally draining… but it was a great movie. Just make sure you bring tissues if you go see it! **

I made some changes to my financial status on the sidebar-the bank is holding my ten grand, so I have to wait to pay off the two credit cards. However, I officially have my emergency fund fully funded. And I am on my way to being DEBT FREE! Woo hoooo!!

(Great thing about July is I’ll get paid THREE times instead of the normal two! That will help tremendously!)

G is going skydiving with RS tomorrow- yep I totally chickened out! I’ll be chilling at the pool with my girlfriend waiting to hear from them!

I hope everyone has an AWESOME Independence Day weekend!

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