Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So in love…

She never stops taking my breath away.

J and I spent the weekend attached at the hip again. :-) But get this…. I went home last night…. ALONE. Wow. What a concept?! Lol

Picking up from my last post:

Friday after work I went and hung out with G and her family like I had planned. I met some of her extended family, ate pizza and talked. It was really nice just hanging out with her… even though it was brief.

That night, J went to the club and I stayed home… I just wasn’t in the mood. I was moody and pmsing and just tired of going…. So I stayed home. It wasn’t so bad. I got a good night sleep and got up and went to work on Saturday without feeling like a zombie.

Saturday night was date night… I hadn’t seen J in 2 days, so I wanted to get really cute. I straightened my hair, spent time on my makeup, and even wrangled myself into a corset so that I could wear this really cute one shoulder little black dress.

I was late meeting her, but when she saw me she stopped in her tracks and dropped her jaw.

SN: I love the way she looks at me… I love that she thinks I’m beautiful and I love that she tells me all the time. :-)

Needless to say, Date night was great. We talked, laughed, danced and cuddled the night away.

We spent all day Sunday and Monday together too. We rented movies and finished listening to Breaking Dawn, and we went to go see The Kids are Alright (which by the way is an AWESOME movie… go see it asap!)

After being inseparable for 3 days I went home like a mature adult on Monday night and slept in my bed alone… and got up on time for work without being exhausted because of trying to hangout all night with my girlfriend. Go Me!

After I was settled in my bed (alone!) and we had said our goodnights on the phone this is the text message that I got from her:

“I had a great time with you this weekend. I fall more and more in love with u everday… u bring such joy to my life… love u baby…gnite.”


So in Love. :-)

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