Thursday, July 15, 2010

How did I get here????

Lol…. Seemed like a good title….


I have earned a whopping $6 so far through my donate button. Thank you for getting the ball rolling!

I didn’t have much luck with selling my fat girl clothes- I had 3 huge trash bags full of clothes to sell to a second hand shop… and out of all the stuff I had they only bought 5 items, and get this… they only gave me 6 bucks for it!! I’m going to try one other second hand shop and whatever is left after that I will donate to a local woman’s shelter. (Epic Fail… at least the women at the shelter will be happy.)

My next project was to consolidate all of my debt with a lower interest rate.


Finally, I was able to get the ball rolling on something! I actually wound up taking out a $20,000 loan from my credit union at a 9.25% intrest rate to pay off all my random credit card debt. I went back and forth on weather or not that was the smartest thing to do, but in the long run having a lower interest rate and making one monthly payment going to make this process much easier and faster! So by Monday morning I will be free of credit card debt! Woooohoooooo! (Ok, I replaced it with a loan, but still- it’s nice to not have maxed out plastic in my wallet.)

One step at a time.

Next…. Remember all that weight I lost? I’m slowly gaining in back, I’m up to 182lbs, my lowest weight was 168. Time to get back on the wagon- I never reached my goal of 165lbs…. so I’m gonna try this again. It should only take me about 8 weeks or so- I’m a pro at this now ;-) (Literally laughing out loud- Oh really? Then why do you keep gaining it back??)

But that will have to wait until next week…

I am going a road trip with J… we are leaving tonight and coming back on Sunday.

It’s a TWELVE HOUR drive.


Not looking forward to the driving part. I’m excited about the trip though, I’m going to meet the family and we’re attending her cousin’s reverse reception (reception is before the wedding…. Plus, I love spending time with her, so being cooped up together in the car won’t be bad, especially since we got the final book of Twilight “Breaking Dawn” on CD to listen to in the car (yes, we are big ol’ dorks!)

So Bo voyage, until next week….. hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. I just found your blog. You are right you are not alone with it comes to being in debt and approaching thirty.

  2. Ahh the joys of debt. I'm up to my eyeballs in student debt and it's just all kinds of fun. Good for you for taking steps to get it under control though! :)

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  4. @Broke by choice- thanks for reading!I finally had a chance to check out your blog, nice to see I'm not alone!

    @Shop girl- Thanks! Hopefully I'll get it together soon! :-)


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