Tuesday, May 24, 2011

She “Put a Ring on It” :-)

Annnnnnnnnnddddddddddd.... a month later I’m back! And with the big news that I was supposed to share ‘tomorrow’… oops, sorry! :-/ Family was in town, work, out of town, work... one thing after another and no time to blog, and then when I had time the blogger was down... wtf...

So anyways… here’s the big news….

My girlfriend "liked it" soooooo.... she “Put a Ring on It” !! :-)  *doing the single ladies dance*

I should say that it is not an engagement ring…. It is a commitment ring, but I’m wearing it on my left hand. Everyday.

Fucking lesbians.


Of course there’s the whole background story too…

*warning* gushy, mushy, cheesy love story ahead :-)

She emailed my sister on facebook and got my Mom’s info to email her a picture of the ring. (How cute right!? <3) She said she wanted to include them in the whole commitment ring thing since they were going to be in town and because chances are they won’t be here when we actually get engaged. She told them that she loved me and she knew she wanted to spend her life with me and that she wanted to give me the ring as a promise to me, and to us and to them. So everybody knew about the ring except for me! <3

After dinner with my family for my sister’s birthday celebration, she asked if I wanted to sit outside and chat with her for a little bit before I went in, we chatted a little bit and she said had something for me at her house and she wanted to run and get it really quick. I rode with her since she only lives like 3 minutes away.

**A little side note, things were a little tense because we hadn't been spending much time together. She felt a little neglected and I felt overwhelmed. With my family in town, we didn’t have as much time to just talk and be... of course it was perfectly fine and understandable because it's my family from thousands of miles away whom I love millions and billions and hardly ever see, so she understood, but it was still an adjustment to go from always being available to each other to working time in between site seeing and traveling with the fam.**

So with that said... I was already a little on edge and emotional.... then when we got to her house she gave me the cute little gift bag and card. First I read the card, and immediately busted out into tears. It was so sweet and loving and exactly what I needed. Then the gift bag... I was wondering what it was, but I assumed it was some of my favorite colorful jewelry from Target or some other little memento of her love… but it was oddly heavy. Then I saw the JARED BOX and cried a little more, ok a whole lot more. It’s such a beautiful ring…. I love love looooooooove it.

I know it shows silly because I know she loves me, but there was a sense of relief that came over me…. Like she really wants me, like for real, like really, it’s not just talking. I know a lot of people don’t understand the whole commitment ring thing, but it is absolutely the sweetest thing anyone has ever done. I know it is just a piece of jewelry, but it means so much more than that, just the gesture and the meaning behind it. I’m so in love with her and I’m really REALLY grateful to have found someone who loves as hard as I do, and who thinks about the details and wants the same things and is not afraid of being vulnerable.

Oh did I mention that I gave her a ring too?? :-) It was a few weeks after I got mine; I really wanted her to have one too... so my sister and I shopped around for a while and I finally settled on one from Jared too.

Here’s both the rings…

J's on the left.... mine on the right <3

I’m so in love and I’m soooo happy to be in a relationship with someone that puts as much effort into this as I do.

She never ceases to amaze me. <3


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  1. babe this is beautiful. Thanks for the story and for sharing your life with me. Committing myself to you is easy. You are such a beautiful person. I fall more and more in love with you everyday.


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