Saturday, March 26, 2011

I lied.

I didn’t buy a scale. I didn’t do a great job working out this week. And I ate cookies and at work.

I also said weigh-ins would resume yesterday and I didn’t post my weight. I weighed myself; I just didn’t want to post it.

So here it is…

Yes, it says 214.6.

Sooo… the number on the (old, dumb, broken) scale isn’t a huge surprise.

One good thing, I seemed to have figured out a few styles that work for my ever expanding hair. *embrace the bigness*

Another note… J has found a trainer for me. I need someone to kick my ass… because clearly I’m not motivated enough to do it myself. Hopefully he won’t be a million dollars and I can start that soon.

Something has got to give.

Outside of my weight rollercoaster and my frizzy fro… I’m super über excited because my sister will be her on Tuesday!! YAAAY!! We’ll go to Mexico next week (don’t stare at the beached whale please- ok seriously, I’ll be a hot beached whale cause I got this super cute vintage bathing suit) and then my Mommy will be here 3 days after we get back.

Can’t wait to have some relax time. *sigh* Is it Thursday yet??

You wonderful people have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Oh I love that bathingsuit! Do you think you will post a picture of yourself in it? I was planning on getting the same one but I'm not sure if it would fit right.

  2. Hi Bonnie! I'm def not posting a picture! lol... not quite ready for that! But I will say that is is a great bathing suit! I LOVE it!! It's def worth the money! :-)


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