Thursday, February 3, 2011

I’m not an Army brat anymore…

One thing I remember vividly from my childhood is saying goodbye to friends. It was just one of the ‘perks’ of being an Army kid. Every 2 to 3 years, my best friend was pcsing and saying goodbye. I can remember back to my 1st best friend… Jenn, I think I was 6 or 7 and I remember crying so hard when she left. You would think I’d get used to it and toughen up, but it never got any easier.

Fast forward to age 28… I’ve been living in the states for 12 years and I haven’t really had to say goodbye to a best friend since then. Well, until last week.

G left for the Peace Corps 6 days ago. I can’t even begin to explain the clusterfuck of emotions… I’m sooooooo very proud of her, I miss her, I’m nervous and anxious with her, I’m excited for her… but mostly I just miss having my bff near by. She is an amazing woman and most people don’t have the balls to do what she is doing, so I’m grateful that she gets to have this experience… she will be forever changed for it.

We did get to spend her last night here together… although we spent 99% of the time packing, cleaning, panicking, packing, packing and packing. Lol…. And I got to take her to the airport… although that may have been a mistake especially since I only got 45 minutes of sleep and she got none. Sleepiness seems to heighten emotions; because we were both a mess, tears, hugs and more tears… it was so hard to leave her at the airport. I guess I’m kind of a mother hen after all.

I’m not saying goodbye though… it’s just “See you later”… and she will absolutely be seeing me in the Caribbean… I don’t need much of an excuse to go to the beach!

Love you G! :-)



  1. saying goodbye sucks....its funny because once we allow someone into a our lives, a part of us feels like they will never leave and when they do, we feel forever altered. I know by you and G will grow from this experience, but in the meantime cherish your memories and look forward to making new ones!

  2. Aw so sweet...I have been writing in the journal you gave me everynight. I've shown a lot of people our pics :) They really help...its perfect. And you are right, this is only see you later. Sooo excited for you to come visit, you will love it! Love you!!!!

  3. I hated being an army brat. Numerous elementary schools, 3 different jr highs and 3 different senior high schools. Started jr high in Italy graduated senior high in Germany. Left many girlfriends and tears behind. Looking back now it was a privilige, I'd never change a thing if I could. What we learned they don't teach in school. We held on to the good memories because that is all we could take with us. I've found friends from all over the world on Facebook, what a gift that they had held a place for me in their hearts and memories. Truly. Thanx, Thomas

  4. *waving* Hi girlfriend! Hi G! :-) Thanks for reading... and I know everything happens exactly the way it should, so I'm not worried. Can't wait to come visit!

    @Thomas... thanks so much for reading! I know exactly what you mean back then it felt like a curse to be a Army Brat, but now I know that it was a blessing. I wouldn't change one single thing, we are different people because of it... seriously, like a completely different breed of American and not matter how much BS we went/go through, no one can ever take that way. Thanks again for reading!


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