Thursday, May 20, 2010

I made my vision board a while ago and I include some gratitude letters on my board… I thought it would be a good idea to post them here as well… what better way to release my intentions into the universe??

Today I make this promise to myself:

I choose to live my life as a joyful experience. I choose to keep my mind focused on love as the greatest power in my life. I choose to create greater possibilities in my life than I ever imagined before.

I listen to the wisdom of the voice within me, knowing it is Divine Intelligence at work in my life. I keep my mind and my heart open; Ready to accept joy and success however they appear.

I celebrate these ideas as the truth in my life, now and always.

And so it is!

I am grateful for….
The abundantly loving and fulfilling relationship that I have with my spiritual partner. She is beautiful, kind, caring, supportive, dependable, responsible, faithful, strong, motivated, creative, spiritually enlightened, sexy, amazing, family oriented individual that loves me unconditionally. Our relationship is strong, we have a foundation of trust and genuine love for one another. We balance each other out and our spark is forever ignited. She is affectionate and she finds me to be incredibly sexy as I do her. We are so in Love and we have the most amazing sex. The chemistry between us keeps us forever attracted to one another. We have a beautiful life together. We are financially stable and we take care of one another. When I look in her eyes I am overwhelmed in our love. I can depend on her just as she can depend on me. Our souls grow together and we are forever connected. Our children are healthy and happy and they are raised in love, compassion and tolerance. We are wonderful parents and the support of our families; friends and our children’s father allow them to grow to be beautiful, responsible, truly good people. I am so very grateful for my abundantly satisfying life.

And so it is…

I am grateful for…
My amazingly satisfying career. I love my job and I am financially stable at my $80,000/yr salary. I have no debt and my savings is abundant. I am able to help people through my work and it is also very creative. I am my own boss, and I do not manage any employees. My business is very lucrative and I receive bonuses above and beyond my salary regularly. It is a competitive market and I am at the top of my field. I work hard, but I have a great work life balance. I am able to take vacations regularly and it does not interrupt my business. I feel good at the end of my work day and my work stays at the office. Money is not an issue in my life and I am stress-free. I am so very grateful for my successful, fulfilling and satisfying career.

And so it is…

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