Friday, June 25, 2010


I know I haven’t written in a while…. I’m sorry. I guess I’ve kinda had writers block a little. I actually do have some things to talk about, but this is gonna just be a random post…. Randomly about Sex and the City. :-)

Sooooo…I’m at work putting my menu books together and watching old Sex and the City episodes online. (Yes, I am watching TV at work… so what?!) I’m watching the episode where Carrie meets Petrovsky for the first time at the art gallery.

They meet briefly and Carrie is kinda turned off by him… she makes a little joke about the art installation and he says:

“You are comedian, No?”

They don’t talk anymore at the gallery, but Petrovsky somehow tracks down her phone number and calls her. She hangs up on him twice thinking he’s got the wrong number and finally she’s like, “I can’t understand you, sir” –lol… and he says:

“This is Alexander Petrovsky for Carrie Bradshaw.”

Her reaction is soooooo funny because I have soooo done this before.

She goes- “Oh, hold on, let me get her for you”

Obviously no one else is there… she just feels like a douche and she has this look on her face, a look of pure embarrassment- you know the scrunched up face and slap to the forehead? After her little pause, she picks up the phone and pretends that her ‘sister’ answered the phone initially. I LOVE it… so very funny

This episode is also the episode where Charlotte finds out that she and Harry are pregnant. There is a scene where the girls are all sitting in the coffee shop and Charlotte tells them the good news and it made me soooooo think about my friends and the girls nights we used to have. Me, M, G and B. We would sit around and talk and giggle…. And I remember when we found out that B was preggers- it was totally the same scene.

I love those precious memories. No matter how far we come or how far apart we grow, we still have those memories and sometimes SATC triggers them and it puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day. :-)

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